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cronenberg rick and morty are interesting bc apparently they don’t mind no longer having a family, i guess they’re superfluous, they’re just happily in a new dimension where beth, summer & jerry aren’t beings like them and presumably they only have each other


You wanna climb up the stairs,
I wanna push you back down.
But I let you inside,
So you can push me around.


Whenever Morty do the thing where he reaches a ledge with a possible drop Rick always does the mommy cat thing and grabs the scruff of his shirt to prevent falling Morty except for when the gravity goes back on in M. Night Shaym-Aliens & Morty just doops down on the floor like a little flipped pancake.

I just haVE SO MANY FEELINGS Rick just automatically grabs him before jumps a lot of the time and its so reflexive like “o he will def just fall he has no clue what lies beyond his fragile porcelain baby running legs”

morty can only think as far as RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUN


sketches i mailed to wubbables that just got scanned!

i have touched these with my own two hands


had the horrifying realization today that i never illustrated wubbables’ nightmare fic. i don’t have a scanner here and i forgot i had a pencil so i did it in pen?? so thats why it sukz



 this here is wubbables and im very proud and i got blood on the page

memlo is a most powerful friend


AU where rick is the world’s most powerful wizard

i want rick to have a bunch of established secret hideouts across the galaxy for emergencies that are stocked n I want him and Morty to wind up having to take shelter in one holed up for like a week for [reasons] hhMMMMMMmmmmMmmm ideas