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getting presumptuous about that new clip!!!  its really in line with how I think of Rick so i’m happy

I like that Rick has a completely wrong idea of Morty he works with in his head when he’s planning things; he thinks of Morty as Generic Young Boy so he assumes things would appeal to him (that wind up not, so he winds up frustrated)..

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related thought: i love that Rick has ‘stock’ speeches like the ‘i’m not stranger to scary things’ where he’s being a well-worded, thoughtful-sounding person, clearly something pre-planned and anticipated on his part (being the Cool Competant guy for Morty to aspire to be like and want to follow) but any time he’s caught off guard and has to explain himself he’s a complete and utter mess. Barely makes any sense. He’s SO BAD with words he’s a petty baby brat who is too mad that anyone would question him. He’s so impatient when communicating with others he’s completely unintelligible… (‘its lonely at the top’ except Rick’s just narcissistic, so this is some self-imposed self-sustaining distance from everyone else)

I wanna go inside Rick’s brain and see all the various things he’d have pre-planned to tell Morty when he’s afraid, when he has a problem with something, the faking-at-sincerity for the sake of manipulation

*sirens* *airhorn* FIRM, HARD REMINDER THAT THIS IS A RICKMORTY BLOG!!! *baby crying* * blender running* *flicks lightswitch repeatedly*

i am truly never gonna get anything of these 2 past a sloppy sketch, i give up have a few of the cleaner-looking ones



Rick and Morty Drainage City AU

No fucking shit!!!! I shit you not I made a reference to Drainage City in this RaM fic I’m working on. SPOILER ALERT: Rick and Bita have a history.

FUCK!!!!!!!!! THEY WOULD HAVE A HISTORY!!!! oh my god

Rick and Morty Drainage City AU

one day im gonna post something to the wrong blog and im gonna die

i should just post thoughts here more. I think a lot about Rick fucking Morty someplace public, just behind a door, and Morty being so terrified of people hearing and trying to be quiet and Rick heckling him the whole time like hmmmm, you don’t like this, Morty? So quiet today, usually he’s so gratuitous, and threatening that he’s gonna have to fuck him harder he guesses, if this isn’t enough for him, and Morty’s SOOOOO into it but so terrified of being caught and so overwhelmed and doesn’t want it to stop and once it’s done Rick shoves him out the door for him to stare panicked and panting at the outside world. but no one is moving. Everything’s still. Rick froze time. There was never actually any danger of being caught, hey. He’s so RELIEVED but so PISSED OFF at Rick for fucking with him. He goes to march back into the stall but Rick is gone and 2 seconds later time resumes and he’s cursing at nothing in a bathroom stall while people stare.

The next time Rick’s fucking him in hidden public Morty’s thinks he’s wise to his games, isn’t quiet, lets himself mutter all he wants, lets himself feel safe, but when he goes to gasp Rick’s name Rick clamps his hand over his mouth to shut him up, oh fuck. He notices footsteps outside the door and birds chirping, and how Rick’s been quiet the whole time, fuck fuck

everything’s a trick don’t trust Rick